April 14th, 2018 Nick Wild- Elemental Explorations: Orff Process in Games and Interdisciplinary Lessons


“Elemental Explorations: Orff Process in Games and Interdisciplinary Lessons”


Music teachers are frequently asked to reinforce skills and concepts from other academic areas.  Our challenge is to provide meaningful integration without sacrificing essential components of our curriculum.  This workshop will provide examples of interdisciplinary lessons and storytelling that maintain musical integrity through the creative process.  We will explore concepts from multiple subject areas, but always with a primary focus on process teaching, elemental music theory, and student-centered musical experiences.  We will also experience the full potential of the Orff approach as we play some of my students’ favorite “fun but challenging” games and use various media to develop the games’ musical elements in creative contexts.


Nick Wild teaches PreK-5 general music and chorus at the Riverside Elementary School in Danvers, MA.  He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English horn performance from The Juilliard School in New York and completed his Orff certification at George Mason University, including Steve Calantropio’s Level IV Master Class.  Nick is past-President of the New England Chapter of AOSA, served for eight years on the Editorial Board of The Orff Echo, presents workshops and conference sessions focused on elemental music and the Orff approach at the local and national level, and contributed to AOSA’s updated teacher education curriculum standards.  Nick teaches recorder and elemental theory for all three levels of Orff certification, most recently at Villanova University in PA and Baldwin Wallace University in OH.